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Victoria Swenson is an internationally famous model. You first meet her in the quest The Lingerie Party where in one of Addison's first tasks as an intern at Faux Pas is to throw a party to celebrate the launch of Victoria's new lingerie line, Vespertine. You have the option to date her when you unlock Amour.

Character's Backstory Edit

Victoria is a famous model who has just launched her new lingerie fashion line, Vespertine. Her father is rich, but throws boring parties.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

Victoria seems polite and perceptive. She quickly zeroes in on the fact that Bianca is shirking in her intern duties and doesnt hesitate to call her out on it. Victoria doesnt like to stay bored for long, and often seeks out new entertainments (potentially your character, if you choose to date her). It's hard to get her to laugh, but she smiles easily.

Appearance Edit

Victoria has long, wavy red hair pulled to the side and light skin. She's wearing the Level 50 female Model outfit. She is very beautiful. Victoria wears pink lipstick.

Character Relationships Edit

Lance Edit

Lance is frequently star-struck by Victoria.

Your Character Edit

Victoria first meets your character when you're helping Addison out at The Lingerie Party. Once you unlock Amour, if you choose to pay for the premium dates (costing diamonds), your character can start dating Victoria. Her first date is Blind Date.

Addison Edit

She is impressed by the good job Addison did as an intern for Faux Pas.

Bianca Edit

She doesn't think much of Bianca because she knows Bianca shirked in her intern duties for Faux Pas because she bought her way into it.

Fun Facts and Trivia Edit

  • Her most embarrassing moment in modeling was when she was wrapped in nothing but a towel on a runway and a wind blew it away, leaving her naked in front of the whole crowd!
  • Victoria tried ballet as a little girl, but was never very good at it and certainly doesn't have time for it now.
  • Her spirit animal is a panther. She likes them because they're fierce... and a little dangerous.
  • Victoria's modelling career started off after a commercial for a product called 'Sugar Honey Bam-Bams'
  • She is allergic to silk. It makes her itch like crazy.
  • She was ranked #13 of Starlet Magazine's annual Sexy 100.

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