This is the dorm where your Stunts (and other types that include the Stunt trait) live!

Stunt Dorm

Stunt Dorm (level 1)

Stunt Dorm (level 2)

Stunt Dorm (level 2)

Stunt Dorm lvl 1 Halloween

Stunt Dorm (level 1) Halloween version

Stunt Dorm lvl 2 Halloween

Stunt Dorm (level 2) Halloween version


Everything is more intense at the Stunt Dorm. Kung fu fighting in the training room, car chases in the driveway, explosions in the pyrotechnics lab... you'll have to sign a waiver just to LOOK at this place.

More InformationEdit

  • Cost: 1st dorm is $3,000, subsequent dorms increase in price by $3,000
  • Capacity: 3, 5 after upgrade
  • Max Cash: $300, $1400 after upgrade
  • Time to Build: 16 hrs
  • Time to Upgrade: 1 day 15 hours
  • Cost to Upgrade: $150,000
  • Unlocked at: Level 12
  • Upgrade Unlocked at: Level 21