Out of the Woods is the main story quest for Level 12 in Hollywood U. Anders Stone is throwing a wrap-up party for Clash at Sunset. Anders and Bianca argue, and Crash decides your group needs a group activity to get everyone working together, so he brings you out into the woods.

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Have 1 Stunt Dorm

Have 16 Unlocked Plots



3,285 XP

2 Recruit Crash

Have 20 Friends

None $200

3,285 XP

3 Complete a Party with Crash


None 2 diamonds

3,285 XP

4 A Girl wearing a Street Style Outfit Besides the MC 6 hours* $60

3,285 XP

5 $5,000 None 2 diamonds


6 Level the MC

Level Crash

None 4 diamonds

3,285 XP

7 Level 20+ MC 13 hours 20 minutes $60

3,290 XP

  • There's a bonus timer on Part 4. Collect the quest within 8 hours to receive a bonus $1,000.

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