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Officer Mohsenin is a police officer in Hollywood U. He first appears in the quest, Lisa's Video.

Character's Backstory Edit

Your Character first encounter him while filming Lisa's music video. He shows up at Chris Winters' house after someone called in a complaint.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

Officer Mohsenin seems quite unpleasant on the surface, but once you invite him to be a part of your music video, he lightens up.

Appearance Edit

He has dark brown hair and wrinkles on his forehead and cheeks. His jacket is navy blue and has a gray shirt underneath.

Character Relationships Edit


As far as we know, he is married and has a daughter.He likes the MC and takes pity on them and Ethan when he hears Ethan's story about being stuck watching outside of fences at baseball games when he was a little boy.

Fun Facts and Trivia Edit

  • His father met Paul Newman.
  • He arrests Maxwell Benson on the main quest, Life Support .

Photos Edit