The Mysterious Benefactor is the one who gave your character the tuition money to get into Hollywood U. The only way they communicate with you at first is by leaving letters for your character. They occasionally send letters to other people in your entourage, too.

Character's Backstory  Edit


The Mysterious Benefactor, for reasons of their own, has financed the tuition of quite a few students at Hollywood U, including your character and certain other members of your entourage. They help you when you are in trouble, and they seem to have an uncanny knowledge of when the MC needs money or other items.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

The Mysterious Benefactor is generally a positive influence on your character, sending you letters with instructions for moves that will help both you and Hollywood U. They seem to know everything that's happening with your character. While they do seem to be confident that your character will succeed in Hollywood, they do have limits-- after the fiasco with Crash and the tank at the beginning of your filming of Clash at Sunset, your Benefactor sent a strongly worded letter to let you know they were very displeased with you.

The benefactor is SPOILER

Appearance Edit

Like the name implies, the Mysterious Benefactor is a mystery-- since they only communicate with your character through letters, your character does not know what they look like until their identity is revealed.

Character Relationships Edit

Your Character Edit

For unknown reasons, the Mysterious Benefactor believes in your character and wants to support you on your rise to the top of Hollywood. For the filming of Clash at Sunset, the Benefactor leaves player a list of people to hire onto the film, two (possibly more) reveal to also be funded by the Benefactor, meaning they wanted the player to know.

Model Edit

Depending on which member of your entourage you pick, one of the models will be discovered to also be funded by the Mysterious Benefactor. The Benefactor tells your model that he/she will be offered to join the film Clash at Sunset, and must approve.

Make-up Edit

Depending on which entourage member you select, one of your make-up artists will also reveal that they're being funded by the Mysterious Benefactor, but appear to have no knowledge that you or the model was also being funded. The Benefactor tells them to join the crew of Clash at Sunset.

Fun Facts and Trivia Edit

  • The Mysterious Benefactor also appeared in the High School Story quest, Hollywood U. There, they give your main character the tuition money required to attend Hollywood U.