The Level One quests give the player a basic introduction to the game. The Main Character has enrolled at Hollywood U, courtesy of a Mysterious Benefactor, and finds a quick friend in Addison Sinclair. She shows you around Hollywood U, where you meet your soon-to-be agent, Ethan.


Steps Edit

Quest Requirements Duration Rewards
Entourage! Have 2 Friends None 1,000 XP
Buy an outfit Buy any outfit None 1,000 XP
A Mystery MC


20 seconds $10

1,000 XP

Hit the Club MC


A Guy

1 minute 15 seconds 2,000 XP


Pole Position Anyone 45 seconds 2,000 XP
Meet Cute Spend 25 cash None 2,000 XP
Back to School Convince! None 3,000 XP, Ethan

Next Story Quest: Power Brunch

Side Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Duration Rewards
Money to Burn Add a plot of land None $10
Time to Decorate Buy a Palm Tree None $10