LOL. Wait, let me get a picture so I can Instagram a 'before' and 'after you have your dreams crushed' collage.
—Jenni, Ready, Set, Pitch!

Jenni Whitman is a Reality TV girl and one of the antagonists to Your Character in the story. She is part of Bianca's entourage. She is obsessed with social media. Also obsessed with hashtags and selfies.

Profile Edit

Jenni is part of Bianca's entourage. She enjoys making fun of you. She is known for teasing and humiliating you by posting embarrassing photos of her on social media. Jenni's speech often includes internet slang.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

Jenni is obsessed with social media & texting. She often uses "hashtag" as part of her everyday speech, and mentions needing to record events on her social media accounts. In the quest No Service, Jenni revealed to Your Character that she relies heavily on social media because it serves as a distraction from her family problems and how she was affected by her parents' constant fights.

Appearance Edit

Jenni has short blonde hair and pale skin. She wears the Wrapped In Red outfit: a yellow and red outfit, which includes a large necklace and a tight red dress. She wears purple eyeliner and light pink lipstick.

Relationships Edit

Bianca Stone Edit

Like Shae and Lance, Jenni is part of Bianca's entourage. She'll happily go along with whatever plans Bianca thinks up.

Lance Sergio Edit

Although Jenni doesn't seem to know it, Lance tends to flirt with her.

Trivia Edit

  • During the Reality TV quest, it was shown that Jenni will melt down without access to her phone. According to Lance, her phone is what keeps her sane.
  • Jenni's parents are in the middle of a nasty divorce due to her father getting a young starlet pregnant. She is staying with her cousin because her parents are trying to turn her against the other.
  • Jenni's last name was revealed in the help quest Blog Eat Blog.
  • In the help quest Inside Jokes, it was revealed that she wanted to be a comedian.
  • In the premium date Bianca's Blackmail, it's revealed that Jenni has a Yorkshire Terrier named Tinkerbell.

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