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Hollywood U is a game made by Pixelberry Studios. It is a video game containing mature content and is currently available for download on iOS, Andriod, & Kindle devices.

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Actions in Hollywood U

Aside from building a university and recruiting students to be part of your entourage, there are more things that a player can complete. Some of these are required to be done in order for a player's university to level up. So feel free to check these pages to learn more about the game.

Hollywood U Websites

There are some sites that exist about Hollywood U.

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Did You Know?
  • ...that Chris Winters's hair color is exclusive to him, none of your other characters can use it yet
  • ...that Ethan Blake's beardless face can only be used by him.
  • ...that Carlotta Valentine has blue eyes, whereas the rest of the characters use brown eyes.
  • ...that several characters are encountered wearing unreleased outfits, including Chris, Holly, Brian, Aria, and Thomas. These outfits may or may not become available in the future updates.
  • ...that there's a Rules and FAQ page in this wiki that will help you understand what to do when editing in this wiki.
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