Fashionista is a type of character. It is a base character type so it can only be placed in the Fashionista Dorm and Platinum Dorm. Their help quest is In Vogue.

In-Game Description Edit

"Fashionistas are the first to wear what's in and the first to tell you what's OUT. Remember, anyone can make an outfit, but not every outfit can make a STAR!"



Fashionistas can be placed in the following dorms. 

Earning Rate Edit

  • Price Male: $250
  • Base Pay Male: $7/hr
  • Price Female: $250
  • Base Pay Female: $6/hr

Partying/Admission Edit

It is possible to party for a Fashionista, but since they are base classmate it is necessary to have atleast one classmate with a fashionista attribute before being able to party for more. Fashionistas are base students, both genders can be bought in the shop using cash.

Party & Admission Times Edit

Male Fashionista

  • Party Time: 2 hours and 45 minutes
  • Admission Time: 15 seconds.

Female Fashionista

  • Party Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes

  • Admission Time: 15 seconds.

Outfits Edit

Male Edit

Female Edit

Composed Of Edit

Since Fashionista is a base type, it is only composed of the Fashionista Trait.

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