This is the dorm where your Directors (and other types that include the Director trait) live!

Movie Star Dorm lvl 1

Director Dorm (level 1)

Director Dorm lvl 2

Director Dorm (level 2)

Director Dorm lvl 2 Halloween

Director Dorm (level 2) Halloween version


A direct hit! Want creativity, vision, and movie magic? The Director Dorm is where it happens. No, there's no actual magic.

More InformationEdit

  • Cost: 1st dorm is $500, subsequent dorms increase in price by $500
  • Capacity: 3 before upgrading, 5 after upgrading
  • Max Cash: $360 before upgrading, $2400 after upgrading
  • Time to Build: 30 seconds
  • Time to Upgrade: 12 hours
  • Cost to Upgrade: $45000
  • Upgrade Unlocked at Level: 9