Diego Barrantes is a bouncer who appears early in the story when your main character visits the night club Blitz. Many consider him to be the best bouncer in LA.

Character's Backstory Edit

Diego is a security guard who also writes screenplays in his spare time, such as 'Sharkageddon' and 'Door Matts'. He is a single dad to his five year old son, Diego Jr..

Personality and Characteristics Edit

Despite his tough appearance, Diego is a softie at heart.

Appearance Edit

He has tan skin and spiked black hair. He has a tattoo on his left arm, and wears glasses and a headset. He also wears a black shirt titled "SECURITY", and has bright red shoes. He wears thick black studded bracelets on both wrists.

Character Relationships Edit

Diego Jr.Edit

Diego's son, whom he refers to as Diego Jr., is Diego's five year old son. Diego is raising him alone, and often works night shifts to be able to spend time with his son during the day, although he is often too exhausted to play with him, which saddens Diego. Because of this, he wants to find him a good mom.

Your CharacterEdit

Your Character is good friends with Diego. When he visits your school in the quest Caught Off Guard to help teach bodyguards class, he is at first nervous when speaking in front of a large crowd, but lightens up once he sees your character.

Holly Chang Edit

They're on a writers' retreat together. He asks Holly for advice regarding his script.

Song Edit

After placing second on a reality TV show, Ms. Right, she stars in her own reality TV show where Song falls in love with Diego.

Fun Facts and Trivia Edit

  • Diego is nicknamed "The Barracuda".
  • Diego has a son, Diego Jr.
  • Diego is writing a screenplay called Door Matts.

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