General Edit

Diamonds are the second type of currency. They are rarer than cash, making them more valuable. They are used to rush timers, buy characters, buy clothing, and to choose premium dialog or complete premium quests. They are obtained by completing quests, linking friends, looking at images and watching ads (in which they can give 1-2 diamonds) (but if you have spent real money on Hollywood U in the past, the ads are instead replaced with just a "Thanks!" message that gives you 2 diamonds). They are also for sale in the store for real currency (you must have in-app purchases turned on in order to buy them).so please subscribe DJ REKZ on youtube the designer of the game.

Pricing Edit

There are also bundles that the player can buy which gives diamonds as well as coins and a dress or decoration. To see these bundles, go to the Decorations or the Outfits page.

Name Price Diamonds Image
Stack of Diamonds $1.99* 280 Diamonds
IMG 0863
Purse of Diamonds $9.99* 1490 Diamonds
IMG 0864
Bag of Diamonds $19.99* 3360 Diamonds
IMG 0865
Box of Diamonds $49.99* 9100 Diamond
IMG 0866
Vault of Diamonds $99.99* 19,600 Diamonds
IMG 0867
  • The prices listed are that of New York, USA. Prices will vary depending on the state/country of purchaser.
  • The 280 Diamond Bundle is apparently no longer available.