There are different types of decorations available within the game. Each decoration has different costs. There are many different types of decorations that you can place in your university, such as trees, walls, paths, benches, and more!

Decorations can be unlocked by opening up plots of land , reaching certain levels, and completing a certain amount of plotsQuests sometimes require to buy a certain type of decorations. They can be kept in storage when not in use.

Alphabetized List Edit


Description Flashy, glamorous, and full of hot air... not unlike some people in show business.
Cost $100
Max Capacity 25

Brick PathEdit

Brick path
Description Structurally sounder than straw or wood paths.
Cost $2,000
Max Capacity 150

Brick WallEdit

Description That's wall, folks.
Cost $1,000
Max Capacity 150


Description A bush in the hand is worth two in the... bush?
Cost $150
Max Capacity 100

Concrete PathEdit

Description Leave your mark on Hollywood... quick, before it dries!
Cost $100
Max Capacity 150

Director ChairEdit

Description I don't see your name on it! ...oh, wait.
Cost $10,000
Max Capacity 25

Flower BoxEdit

Description Stop and smell the flowers! After all, you payed for them.
Cost $2,000
Max Capacity 75


Description No wishing for more wishes! Or more fountains.
Cost $120,000
Max Capacity 4

Gas LampEdit

Description Light up your Hollywood nights... if the sun would ever set around here...
Cost $1,000
Max Capacity 75

Gold PathEdit

Gold path
Description To remind you you're not in Kansas anymore.
Cost 10 diamonds
Max Capacity 150

Lion StatueEdit



The lion is a really more of a symbol. One that says, 'I can afford a fancy statue'.

Cost $300,000
Max Capacity


Marble PathEdit

Description It's not just for statues anymore!
Cost $10
Max Capacity 150

Movie LightEdit

Movie Lights
Description Lights, camera... actually, just light.
Cost $6,000
Max Capacity 25

Oak TreeEdit

Description If a tree falls in the woods... it ends up for sale right here!
Cost $5,000
Max Capacity 25

Palm TreeEdit

Palm tree
Description Just like in that line Hollywood Boulevard, only with smaller egos.
Cost $500
Max Capacity 75

Park BenchEdit

Description Perfect for a rom-com style meet cute! Or, you know, sitting.
Cost $100
Max Capacity 25

Pillar WallEdit

Description This pillar is always best cast in supporting roles.
Cost $4,000
Max Capacity 50


Description Full of it.
Cost 190 diamonds
Max Capacity 25

Potted PlantEdit

Potted plant
Description Plants, like all endeavors, take time and patience... so skip that and buy this one already grown!
Cost $20,000
Max Capacity 75

Red Carpet PathEdit

Description Go ahead. You deserve the red carpet treatment.
Cost $50
Max Capacity 150

Rose TrellisEdit

Rose trellis
Description A rose by any other name would still be growing on this trellis.
Cost $12,000
Max Capacity 25

Slate PathEdit

Slate path
Description The grass really is greener on the other side... mostly because they don't stomp all over their lawn all the time.
Cost $4,000
Max Capacity 150

Smoothie TruckEdit

Smoothie Truck
Description Refreshment is now just around the corner! Still, send your assistant to get it.
Cost 690 diamonds
Max Capacity 8


Description Enjoy your time in it! Which, most say, is fifteen minutes.
Cost $15,000
Max Capacity 25

Star PathEdit

Description Don't let people walk all over you... unless it's your name on pavement.
Cost 2 diamonds
Max Capacity 100

Stone PathEdit

Stone Path
Description One more step on the path to success! ...not coincidentally, it leads to class.
Cost $20,000
Max Capacity 150

Tar PitEdit

Tar Pit
Description Haven't you heard? 'Paleo' is all the rage.
Cost 1,990 diamonds
Max Capacity 25

Umbrella TableEdit

Umbrella Table
Description Throwing shade... but in a nice way.
Cost $50,000
Max Capacity 25

Velvet RopeEdit

Description For keeping your adoring fans in their place.
Cost $50
Max Capacity 75

Bundle Items Edit

Award StatueEdit

Award Statue Bundle
Bundle Name Award Statute Bundle
Description Don't forget to thank the little people.
Cost* $9.99
Other Items 800 diamonds


Heart TubEdit

Heart Tub Bundle
Bundle Name Heart Tub Bundle
Description That's hot.
Cost* $11.99
Other Items 800 diamonds


Swimming PoolEdit

Swimming Pool Bundle
Bundle Name Swimming Pool Bundle
Cost* $14.99
Other Items 1,350 diamonds


  • The price listed is for New York, USA, and may change depending on where the buyer lives.