Your character and the other player-created characters in Your Entourage can be customised which includes changing their faces, hairstyles, and skin tones. You can also change their outfits— which are either type-specific or can be bought from the clothing store.

There are 5 skin tones and 5 hair colors available for all characters as of now. Female characters have 34 hairstyles, 8 of which are premium hairstyles. They also have 8 different faces to chose from. Male characters have 23 hairstyles, 7 of which are premium hairstyles. They also have 6 different faces to chose from.

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Trivia Edit

  • Chris Winters's dirty blonde hair color is exclusive to him — none of your other characters can use it.
  • Brian Ratzik is the only character with grey hair.
  • Autumn and Mia Warren's hairstyles, who are characters from High School Story, are not available in this game.
  • Ethan Blake's beardless face is unique to him.
  • Carlotta Valentine has blue eyes, whereas the rest of the characters had brown eyes. After the December 2015 update, there are now faces with blue eyes avaliable in Customization. However, Carlotta's blue eyes are darker than the ones avaliable to customizable characters.
  • Lisa Valentine is the only one whose face did not change to one with blue eyes. Instead, her "dark makeup" face has changed to purple eyes as an alternative.
  • Many of the older adults have wrinkles, such as Brian Ratzik, Anders Stone, Maxwell Benson, Richard SheridanOfficer Mohsenin, and Carlotta Valentine.
  • Several characters are wearing unavailable outfits, including Chris, Holly, Brian, Aria, Crash, Lisa and Thomas. These outfits may or may not become available in a future update.