Spencer "Crash" Yamaguchi (Jpn: スペンサー山口) is a Stunt, whom you recruit at Level 12.

Character's Backstory Edit

Crash is a stunt guy. In the 4th grade, he did a flip off the jungle gym and broke three ribs. Ever since, he's been called "The Man without Fear". He has been doing martial arts since he was a kid; he started with judo, but since then he's also done jiu-jitsu, muay thai, tae kwon do, and pretty much everything else. His parents do not really understand his drive to be a stuntman, seeing less as a professional vocation and more as a way for Crash to indulge his thrill-seeking impulses.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

He is daring and believes in taking risks. He is a lively person who is very kind, yet somewhat uncontrollable. He will do many brave, dangerous, and stupid stunts, and yet, he still survives. After his mistake with the tank during the filming of Clash at Sunset, he has become more cautious.

Appearance Edit

Crash has spiked black hair, light skin, and a red and white jacket, with a white shirt underneath.

Character Relationships Edit

Your Character Edit

Crash and your character are introduced when you need a stuntperson for Lisa's video. Later, you go to him again when you're filming Clash at Sunset. After you handle his mishap with the tank, he's in your debt and you become close friends. When he later joins Hollywood U, he becomes an important member of your entourage. Head Over Heels is the first and so far only date available with Crash.

Professor Hunt Edit

Professor Hunt dislikes Crash, probably because their first meeting involved Crash causing major property damage and nearly destroying your chance to create Clash at Sunset. Although, he does acknowledge his skills.

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Fun Facts and Trivia Edit

  • His real name is Spencer Yamaguchi.
  • Earlier in the game, he was introduced as a Reality TV.
  • He changes his drastic ways because of a revelation during the later developments of the game.
  • Based on his surname, it is likely Crash is of Japanese heritage.
  • Yamaguchi (山口) is a town in Japan. The prefecture it belongs in is named after the town.
  • The nickname 'Crash' was given to him by his sister as a child when he kept crashing into furniture while performing stunts.
  • Crash has never had his first kiss.
  • Crash claims that his hair has a mind of its own, as it always sticks up.