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It's just like a home game in basketball! I always feed off the crowd's energy... And when you show the crowd love... they show you love back!

—Chance, 'A Chance at Love'

Chance Duncan is the hottest rookie in the NBA. He first appeared in the New Year's Eve premium quest and the Harrison V.I.P. quest at the basketball game.


Chance has a black Mohawk and dark skin. He wears yellow sunglasses and a sports jacket.

Relationships Edit

Zoe Rodriguez Edit

Chance is dating Zoe. He proposed to her during the quest Sundance, but she cancelled the wedding before her vows when she was going down the aisle because he changed the only thing she cared about, her wedding aisle song, for his fans.

Quest Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

Chance Duncan is an all-star NBA player, which may explain Zoe's attraction to him at first.

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