Cash is the main currency. It is a lot more common than Diamonds. It is used to upgrade buildings, buy clothing and buy characters. Cash is obtained by completing Quests and can be collected from dorms. Each character in your entourage will give you cash per hour.

Pricing Edit

There are also bundles that the player can buy which gives diamonds as well as coins and a dress or decoration. To see these bundles, go to the Decorations or the Outfits page.

Name Price Cash Image
Stack of Cash $1.99* 5000 Cash
Purse of Cash $9.99* 28,000 Cash
Bag of Cash $19.99* 64,000 Cash
Box of Cash $49.99* 210,000 Cash
Vault of Cash $99.99* 480,000 Cash
  • The prices listed are that of New York, USA. Prices will vary depending on the state/country of purchaser.