Carlotta Valentine is Lisa Valentine's mother and manager in Hollywood U. She first appears in the quest, Ready, Set, Pitch!.

Carlotta's Backstory Edit

Personality and Characteristics Edit

She is rude, selfish and concieted and wants to keep Lisa's career "kid-friendly". Although quite controlling of her daughter's life and career, she believes she is doing what is best for Lisa. Carlotta is married to Prince Fahad of Lahar, Illyria's father.

Appearance Edit

She has short blonde hair, blue eyes, and many wrinkles. She has the third skin tone, the third face, and wears the Level 5 Agent outfit, which includes the black square glasses.

Character Relationships Edit

Lisa Valentine Edit

Carlotta is Lisa's mother. She refers to herself as her "mama-ger", a term she had trademarked. Lisa likes the MC because she feels like she has freedom from being treated like a child, and from her mom.

Your CharacterEdit

Carlotta doesn't like you in the beginning because she feels threatened that someone is trying to take away Lisa from her. But when Lisa finally gets to join your entourage Carlotta says, "good luck with her".


Ilyria is Carlotta's stepdaughter. At first, Carlotta pretends to be nice, but then shows her true colors by locking Ilyria in a castle.

Fun Facts and Trivia Edit

  • She used to be the only character with blue eyes, until Pixelberry updated the eye colors.

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