Of course! I spared no expense... that's, like, my motto!
—Aria, 'Yacht Party'

Aria Sheridan is a Celebutante who used to be admitted through the premium quest, Yacht Party, at the beginning of Level 3. This changed with the introduction of the A-Lister store.

Profile Edit

Aria used to star on "Lisa Mermaid" with Lisa Valentine. She joined Your Character's school after completing the Yacht Party quest and buying her from the A-Lister store, she will allow for some extra quest options and dialogue, but it has been noted she doesn't appear often.

She has trouble letting go of the "Lisa Mermaid" show as shown at her party when it was themed off the show after it being cancelled, and when she went up at her party to sing the theme song with Lisa.

It was revealed in her date, "The Heiress", she has never gone on a real date before and that she was used to publicity dating and party with other people.

Appearance Edit

Aria has black side-swept hair and medium dark skin. She wears an unreleased outfit and a silver necklace. Aria carries a small silver purse with a gold buckle.

Personality Edit

Aria is social and fun, a little naive. She likes to give gifts and is a generally cheerful person. She also says the word 'hashtag' quite often before words. She is very caring and affectionate but also very fragile.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

She's a pop star's BFF and the heiress of a hotel empire... so you couldn't say that Aria didn't choose the party life, the party life chose her. Luckily, she was born ready. Hashtag get your dance on!


Lisa ValentineEdit

Aria is friends with Lisa Valentine, as they used to be co-stars in Lisa Mermaid together. Aria considers Lisa her best friend, just as their characters were in the show.

Richard SheridanEdit

Richard Sheridan is Aria's father.

Alana Sheridan Edit

Alana Sheridan is Aria's mother.

Quest Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She still has yet to move on from the Lisa Mermaid show.
  • If Your Character has Aria when she admits Lisa she gets an extra 5 diamonds.
  • The Sheridan family is known for their multi-billion dollar hotel buisiness.
    • She may be based off Paris Hilton due to her being a celebutante and being known for her great-grandparent's creation, the Hilton Hotels.
  • Aria supports the Great Barrier Reef, and even has a charity called Save the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Aria's character on Lisa Mermaid was Aria Starfish.
  • She appears to have memorized majority of scenes, characters and episodes of Lisa Mermaid, and often brings them up in conversation.
  • Her outfit is inspired by one of of the outfits worn by a character on Gossip Girl.
  • Her favorite room in the Sheridan Hotel is the casino.
  • She lives in one of her father's hotels, the penthouse suite.

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