Anders Stone is Bianca Stone and Desiree Stone's father in Hollywood U. He first appears in the quest, Crash and Burn.

Appearance Edit

Anders has brown slicked back hair, tanned skin and with noticeable wrinkles. He wears the Trumped Up outfit which costs 300 diamonds; vintage sunglasses, cream suit with a blue cravat and brown leather shoes.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

Anders is a shrewd businessman and likes to show off his power in the industry. He's often extremely mean and rude, and threatens you a lot, just like Bianca does. He believes that in Hollywood, even the most underhanded stratagems (like the deceitful Clash at Sunset contract, which he justifies as himself being the majority risk-taker) are not only fair, but ubiquitous, necessary, and desirable. He is also a tyrant and manipulative, trying to take advantage of any situation and make it favorable for him.

Character's Backstory Edit

He is the head of the powerful production company Stone Pictures. He agrees to help fund the Main Character's movie, Clash at Sunset, but only if Bianca gets a part in the film. In the process, he also forces the Main Character to take a difficult-to-process contract that entitles him to all the net profit.

Character Relationships Edit

Bianca Stone Edit

Anders is Bianca's father. The two often argue, and he constantly compares Bianca to Desiree, making Bianca seem like a failure. This causes Bianca to strongly dislike him.

Desiree StoneEdit

Desiree is Anders' first daughter and Bianca's older sister. He shows clear favoritism towards Desiree and against Bianca, on account of the wide disparity in their acting capabilities and experience. According to Bianca, nothing she does wins her father's love, although little is known of how Anders actually regards Desiree.

Your CharacterEdit

Anders agrees to fund your movie, Clash at Sunset, though later reveals that the contract is set up so that he'll rake in all of the profits, except a slim percentage, which reignites the hatred and rivalry between your character and him.

Richard Sheridan Edit

Richard Sheridan and Anders Stone hate each other. Sheridan destroys Anders's finances for leaving the Silver Circle.

Fun Facts and Trivia Edit

  • It can be assumed that he likes to drink, as seen in The Hearing where he attends your character's probational hearing drunk.